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Ocular Response Analyzer

The measurement of intraocular pressure is critical in the detection of diseases such as glaucoma and can lead to blindness if not diagnosed and treated. The O.R.A. (Ocular Response Analyzer) is a revolutionary instrument designed to measure as accurately as intraocular pressure (tonometry or eyes pressure) and yet , the biomechanical properties of the cornea by means of a simple and rapid test. This instrument features a new alignment system that makes the pressure test reliable and accurate, providing excellent results. It also works through a process of dynamic bi -directional applanation apart taking eye pressure, provides new information on previously unknown terms: Corneal Hysteresis and a Corneal Resistance Factor, which are the corneal properties mentioned above. Thus the O.R.A. not only allows a more accurate measurement of eye strain but also the degree of corneal tissue quality, crucial to deciding refractive surgery information. Finally, an important advantage of O.R.A. is to measure ocular pressure accurately even after being involved in laser refractive surgery. It is often mistaken with conventional equipment for measuring eye pressure.

All these factors are especially important in cases of refractive surgery, keratoconus and glaucoma, among other diseases. This modern tool also provides the ability to keep tracks of every shot patient, including presentation in statistical graphics.

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