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Femtosecond laser

Performed at the IOA a treatment with the LDV Z8 femtosecond laser, February 2024.

The Instituto Oftalmológico Amigó (IOA) takes a decisive step forward in its constant vocation for research and the introduction of new techniques to improve the care we provide to our patients on a daily basis.

With such conviction and objective we have since October 2014 with the first femtosecond laser in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The femtosecond laser is currently the most advanced and sophisticated tool for refractive surgery treatments – myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia -, cataracts, or even more complex ones such as keratoconus.

Learn more about the femtosecond laser and the advantages it offers by clicking here.

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Nuestros pacientes hablan

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  • Alexander is a future law student. He was gone for a couple of appointments to an intervention for his strabismus and gives us his previous sensations, while Dr. Alfredo Friend explains the expectations of this case. Watch the video on our YouTube channel.

    Alexander , Strabismus

  • Maria Teresa is a lawyer by profession. She explains how it has changed her everyday life after undergoing the intervention of her myopia and astigmatism at Instituto Oftalmológico Amigó. Watch the video on our YouTube channel.

    Maria Teresa , Myopia, long-sight and astigmatism.

  • José Victor Rodríguez, Member of the Army with myopia. His eyes were
operated on by Dr. Amigó and his team. Watch the video on our YouTube channel.

    José Victor Rodríguez , Myopia, long-sight and astigmatism.

  • Quirófano

    Yanira Dorta, a young woman with Down's syndrome and 
major vision problems was operated on by Dr. Amigó and his refractive (LASIK) surgery team.
The main advantage was that the aggressive use of general or local anaesthetics became unnecessary. See video testimony onour YouTube channel.

    Yanira Dorta , Refractive Surgery