The IOA is a technological leader in its field in the Canary Islands, we have all the latest equipment necessary to offer our patients the best solution to multiple ocular diseases in both diagnosis and treatment.

The Amigó Ophthalmological Institute is located in the heart of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, a design and avant-garde center, where the most advanced technology of the sector and the best professionals join the service of your sight. The IOA has 6 consultation rooms and operating room, in addition to 3 waiting rooms and temperature controlled all year round for your comfort.

The center has an annual temperature of 22 degrees, with reception rooms equipped to improve the stay of patients and minimize waiting times between different ophthalmological and optometric examinations.

The modern operating room, refurbished in 2014, is highly equipped technologically, and equipped with laminar flow with 99% absolute particle filter that allows the purest continuous sterilization.