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No Mydriatic Retinography

The retinal camera is one of the eye cameras available at I.O.A. to capture digital images of retina and store them securely, sowe can  maintain a photo database of images of the retina of our patients over the time.

Such studies are particularly important in patients with blood pressure problems, Diabetes Mellitus, Glaucoma, Retinitis Pigmentosa, among others, for which periodic inspections are necessary and require proper tracking of the retina to prevent future complications. With this useful tool, the professional and the patient can detect if there have been significant changes in a graphical way that limits any questions regarding the previous state of the same retina.

Another advantage of this camera is that it is not necessary an instillation of dilating pupil drops for the study, which avoids visual problems that can be caused by them temporarily. It is not necessary to apply any intravenous contrast, unlike other similar studies, making it the most convenient and simple test.

Finally, there is the possibility of obtaining copies of the photographs, whether in print or digital form for your own control or to serve as a study by another specialist – Endocrinologists, Internists, Rheumatologists, among others -.

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