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In Optometry and Ophthalmology, a keratometry (queratos means ‘horn’, cornea) is a test on a patient in which the parameters of the cornea are determined, such as measurement of the radius of curvature of its surfaces (since the cornea is rarely spherical and with the same radius of curvature at all points).

The device for measuring these parameters is called keratometer and is present in any cabinet of Optometry or Ophthalmology. This device projects a light that goes into the patient’s eye. Its basic operation is as follows: with the patient positioned facing forward to the optic through the peephole of keratometer, a ray of light travels through the apparatus to be reflected in a certain way in a convex mirror, and the reflection is what will give us the curvature of the main axis of the cornea.

The keratometer is a device to determine the appropriate corneal astigmatism of a patient, ie, the degree of blur in a given axis of vision. In our center we have both manual and digital keratometers.

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