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Digital Angiography

What is a Fluorescein angiography?

It is an eye exam in which we use a substance of «contrast» (fluorescein) and a special camera to take pictures and analyze blood circulation fundus (retina and choroid).

How is a retinal angiography performed?

Before we begin with the test, it is necessary to dilate the pupil of the patient with mydriatic eye drops, and then black and white photographs of the retina and other color photos where taken. Fluorescein is injected into an arm vein, and sequential photographs are taken for several minutes.

What kind of diseases can observe this test?

The test helps determine if there is a proper blood circulation in the vessels of the retina. It can also be performed to diagnose or follow up a treatment of eye problems, such as diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, ocular tumors or venous obstructions.

Should I take some special steps after doing this test?

Yes, the person should make arrangements for his transportation, as blurred vision may occur up to 6 hours after the test. It is advisable to be accompanied as dizziness or nausea may occur.

Occasionally the skin can take a transient yellowing by fluorescein.